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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Smiling Sunday (Things I love #12)

I didn't manage to do a post last week, because I was busy busy busy preparing for a lot of job interviews, so as a result, this week's post is now pretty jam-packed!

1. Going out hair-
Went out for a friend's birthday meal last weekend and fancied trying out a new hairstyle.  French plait on side then pinned at the back with kirby grips.  Was inspired by hair half-up/down styles and undercuts as seen on Kristen Stewart.  I'm not ashamed to say I loved it so much, I left it in for a couple of days.. :)

2. Jay Z's 99 Problems-
An illustrator and designer called Ali Graham has come up with the funny idea of illustrating possibilities of Jay Z's 99 problems.  Some of the daily illustrations are linked to the lyrics of some of his tracks, others are just everyday annoyances. Made me giggle!

Via Tumblr
Whilst we're on this, I love this track; the lyrics and the video are ace so I'll take any excuse to post it!

3.Japanese artist paipai/fan
Bought this for 1 euro in Barcelona, from a Japanese interiors shop, when I went to the street celebrations in Gracia.  It was sooo hot and humid during my stay, I definitely needed it!  The image is well- known; it's called 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa' by Hokusai.

4.Night-time folk session-
Some of you may not know that I play violin and guitar and sing.  Recently, I was invited by other folkies to a recent music session as part of someone's birthday celebrations.  We got a bit lost on the way, but eventually made it!  It was lovely, out in a barn by tiny village.  Party-goers could camp in the fields nearby and there was lots of food and drink!  It was really atmospheric in the dark, the stars looked beautiful and playing music by the fire and lantern-light was wonderful. Sadly my photo of these seems to be missing at the moment :(

5. Alice quote-
have been in the process of changing jobs and looking for a new place to live recently and have found it hard to make decisions (no surprise there! ) and confusing and a bit lost at times.  One of my good friends sent me a similar link to this one with the quote from 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'. A point well made!
Via Pinterest

6. Gooey chocolatey brownie- bought this whilst out for a walk in the park with some family and friends.  Super yummy and it was massive so shared it with my sisters!

7.Running distances pic-
Shows the distances in miles for a 5K, 10K, half and full marathon.  Makes me think that I should be on the lookout for an interesting 10K soon...eek!
Via Pinterest
8. Unicorn t-shirt-
 I really like the galaxy background on this! Sorry the pic is so small :(
Via ebay
9.  Biker boots from New Look-
I love the look of these biker boots, will have to save up some pennies... Might get away with wearing them with shorts if the weather stays warm!
Via New Look

10. Fabulous Fashionistas-
Last week I watched a great documentary on Channel 4 (now available on 4OD) about a group of six fascinating women with an average age of 80.  The title was slightly misleading, as the documentary is really about a group of age-defying, confident and courageous women. I found all the women really inspiring in their attitudes; they all seem to have refused to let age dictate how they live their lives and all partake in regular exercise, perhaps that is their secret to long life!  My favourite was Jean, a quirky and stylish woman, who seemed much younger than her 75 years. I think that she looks stylish and youthful, but doesn't dress inappropriately for her age. If I manage to be that stylish at 35, let alone at 75, I'll be happy!

I was also in awe of Gilly, a trained ballet dancer and choreographer who has remained amazingly flexible, despite her 87 (yes, 87!) years.  I couldn't help but smile when she discussed how she and her husband (who is 27 years younger than her) had received a lot of criticism when they initially became an item:
''Thirty-four years later, those people, they've either died, Haha!- or they look silly.''
Via That's Not My Age

11. Caledonia-
Over the last week or so, I've been learning the chords and words for the song 'Caledonia' by the Scottish musician Dougie Maclean, such a great song. It's been covered by a number of Scottish artists too, including Paolo Nutini and Amy Macdonald.  I love these three versions; they seem very different from each other but each has its own charm!  I sang it at a folk session last week and it seemed to go down well :)

What has made you smile this week?

Peebreeks xx

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