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Friday, 5 August 2016

Packing for India!

This Sunday, I am flying to India to travel around Rajasthan for 3 weeks, so excited! After much research and deliberation, here's what I will take in my big rucksack.

My rucksack is a 45L Eurohike Pathfinder.
(In clear zip bags)
Medications: pain gel, anti-diarrhoea tablets, rehydration etc
First aid kit: blister plasters, plasters, antiseptic cream etc
Toiletries: travel size shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothpaste, razor, toothbrush, deodorant.
Large comb
Essential oils: peppermint, tea tree and citronella.
High strength mosquito repellant
2 x suncream (1 Sweat-resistant and 1 with repellant)
15 x handy packs of tissues (or as many as poss!)
1x large pack baby wipes
2x handy packs of wet wipes

5 x t-shirts
3 x vest tops
5 x pairs underwear
3 x sports bras
1 x large scarf (for covering shoulders and head)
1 x harem pants
1 x baggy harem pants
1 x long skirt
1 x long PJ bottoms
1 x thermal base layer
1 x lightweight raincoat
2x disposable poncho (1 for a friend!)
1x flip-flops
1 hiking sandals
1 or 2 pairs cosy socks (for flights)
1 x peaked hat

Microfibre quick-drying towel
Eye mask and ear plugs
Small umbrella
Mini washing line with pegs
Silk sleeping bag liner and pillowcase
Travel pillow
Double mosquito net
Passport and important documents (visa, bus ticket, flights, travel insurance)
A5 journal
Colouring pencils and pads (gifts for children)
Mobile phone + charger
Lightweight daypack

I will probably take my Kindle tablet or Kindle reader for the coach and airport as well, I haven't decided which yet! Argghhh decisions!

OPTIONAL: (If desired and I have room!)
Robinsons squash squeeze pack
1 x shorts
Water bottle? (I intend on buying and recycling bottled water)

Hope this is helpful, I can go into more detail about medications/toiletries if needed.

Peebreeks xxx

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Things I Love Thursday #23

Getting back in the swing of things, it's Thursday again!

The Little Princess Trust
Discovered this charity online recently and I think that the work they do is amazing. They provide free real-hair wigs to children who have lost their hair whilst undergoing cancer treatment. I'm seriously considering donating some of my hair. This video explains everything.

Bob haircuts

With a hair chop in mind, there are so many beautiful bobs out there for inspiration...
Image via  Pinterest Hair

Image via  Pinterest Hair

Image via  Pinterest Hair
    Image via  Pinterest Hair
Iced coffee
Anyone who follows my instagram or twitter will know by now that (during the summer) I'm a massive iced coffee fan.  The sweeter the better, I love mocha/vanilla/caramel. This week I made my own using:  Instant coffee, hot chocolate powder, skimmed milk and ice. It was delicious!

Julia Roberts

Went on a bit of a Julia Roberts binge...Have watched Mystic Pizza and Erin Brockovich again on Netflix over the last couple of weeks.
I have seen them both before but had forgotten how good they are! I love Julia Roberts, she is one of my favourite actresses. She seems to act any part well and seems to bring genuine emotion and warmth to all her roles. She always has me convinced. I think she thoroughly deserved the oscar for Erin Brockovich. In fact, the internet tells me that she was the first person to win an Academy Award, BAFTA, Golden Globe, National Board of Review and Screen Actors Guild Award for a single performance!
Also watched Eat Pray Love again, but I think that was more for Javier Bardem :)
Image via US Magazine
Image via The Telegraph
Image via ET Online

Emily Hartridge
Over the last few weeks, I discovered Emily Hartridge's YouTube channel. I find her really funny and I like the format of her videos (10 Reasons Why...).  She also seems really down-to-earth,

Hope you're all well and having a good week!

Peebreeks xx