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Monday, 28 October 2013

Oh Miley (*rolls eyes*)

So the interweb has been flooded with references to Miley Cyrus 'twerking' at the VMAs on the 25th August.  This apparently shocking behaviour whipped the media into a mass frenzy.  I even watched the video clip to see what all the fuss was about.  If I'm honest, I found her performance truly disgusting and wildly inappropriate for her young audience.  I wasn't shocked; we have seen so many shocking performances at the VMAS in the past. child stars 'rebelling' or 'going off the rails', it seemed pretty yawn-worthy. I just found it vile and strangely misogynistic.

VMA performances of the past have always won column inches by shocking and surprising viewers.  We've had attention-grabbing Britney with that yellow python in 2001, Britney and Christina dressed as brides, grinding and kissing Madonna  to 'Like a Virgin'  in 2003.  In fact, Miley herself made reference to these performances in her recent comments relating to her VMA shocker.  Yes, these performances were attention-grabbing and strange but I didn't find them as visually repulsive.

Miley then went to great lengths to say that she hadn't given the performance that much thought and was surprised by the public reaction.  Pure coincidence then, that her new pop videos feature the same themes and dance moves?? (Teddy bears, twerking, sexual moves, that stupid tongue)  Come on Miley, at least be honest about your blatant self-publicity.
Via Youtube

I think, ultimately, she will calm down a bit and possibly eventually realise how over-exposed she and her PR team have let her become.  We've all seen tarty girls going off the rails on a night out or even had friends who appear to have temporarily lost all sense of decency and self-respect,  the difference is those people don't do it on a world stage,  pounced on by the media and recorded in its entirety to wince at in later years.  Often those drunken girls have a friend who calms them down or gives them a shirt to cover up, we can only hope that someone does the same for Miley.

I think the most annoying part of her recent meltdown is that 'Wrecking Ball'  has actually made it to number one, perhaps due to airplay and so much extra publicity. However,  I do think that as pop songs go, it's okay  I don't think the video would have lost anything if she hadn't been naked on the wrecking ball.  Perhaps she needs some more visionaries to help with her video production, preferably people with enough brain cells to realise that you can convey innocence, heartbreak and vulnerability using lighting, set and costume rather than insisting/allowing someone to be filmed naked.

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At the end of the day, her records may hit the top of the charts and make her a lot of money, but at what cost to herself?   Love her or hate her, (and I edge towards the latter), I think that she actually can sing, she has a great voice for country music and it's a real shame that her real talent is overshadowed by her ability to simulate sexual acts whilst not wearing a lot. Anyone could do that, but not anyone can belt out a country ballad.  I think she is gifted as a singer, but people are definitely not discussing her singing ability at the moment. You only have to watch her live performance in the video below to realise that she has great skills as a country star.
Via Youtube

People would question why I would comment on her behaviour as I wouldn't count myself as a Miley Cyrus fan anyway, but I think most young women would have found her performance massively degrading and revolting.  All young women have battled and continue to battle against sexist stereotypes and wouldn't thank Miley for returning to objectifying women in performance and music videos.  We continue to live in a male-dominated society, where women are encouraged to live their lives pleasing men.  Though I wouldn't say I am an active feminist, I would say that I support them and understand their views.  I think Miley is going against everything that they (and most women) stand for.

You can also read Radio 1 presenter Jameela Jamil's article: Sexpression, which I read after completing this blog post.

Peebreeks xx

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