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Monday, 10 November 2014

Smiling Monday! (Things I love #20)

Here's what I've been loving this week.  I've been really ill with a virus so not much from out and about, sorry!

1. Modalu Pippa Stars Mix Handbag. How gorgeous is this? Saw it in a magazine ad this week, lovely winter bag.
Via Modalu

2. These yummy Converse Doughnuts High-tops!
Via Schuh
3. This thick knit mustard snood from Zara.  I've tried this on so many times in the shop, it's super cosy!!
Via Zara

4. Baby deer decoration from Paperchase. Sooo cute, is it too early for decoration shopping??
Via Paperchase

5.Where's Wally wrapping paper: spotted this in a bookshop in Hove.  How fun, I would definitely want to keep the paper after ripping it off though!
Via Ebay

6.Satsuma Gelly Nail Effect nails by Barry M. I'm obsessed with different shades of orange at the moment, what with it being Autumn here and all that...

7. This micro-piglet, too cute!!

8. Awesome scary doll make-up tutorial  by Lex on  Made yew look. She is a really talented make-up artist.

9. Have been watching Lynn Hirschberg's series of Screen Test interviews with famous Hollywood actors and actresses for W Magazine and the New York Times (on Youtube). I like the way that they are shot in black and white, so you can focus on the content of the interview.  I also like the fact you don't really hear the interviewer, so you can concentrate purely on the answers that the actors give.
(All videos below are taken from W Magazine)


What have you been loving this week?
Peebreeks xx

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