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Friday, 17 October 2014

French/Spanish/ Holiday Pharmacy Buys!

This post should have gone up wayyy back in the summer, but maybe better late than never?

I went on holiday to Spain and France this summer and picked up some fantastic bargains in the pharmacies while I was there.

Whilst in Barcelona, I bought the Capital Soleil After Sun (100ml) by Vichy for the bargain price of 4 euros (that works out at just over £3). My friend Elise let me use hers when I went to visit and I loved it and had to buy some to bring back!

I have been using it constantly ever since to try and keep my tan for a while,
I also love how it makes my skin so smooth. And the smell! It smells amazing; summery, creamy and slightly coconutty (is that even a word?) The formulation is light and sinks into the skin easily.

It's Paraben-free, hypoallergenic, non-greasy and non-sticky so is sure to please pretty much everyone.

Much to my dismay, I've nearly run out of this now since purchasing it in August and can't seem to buy it easily or affordably in the UK.

Now I couldn't go to Europe and resist getting a bottle of Bioderma could I?!
By far the best gentle make-up remover I've ever used. I was intrigued by this bottle as it's suitable for pushing a cotton pad onto instead of spilling out of the usual bottle caps. I bought the 500ml bottle for 15,95 euros (£12.65).
I went to a little pharmacy and stumbled across some lovely La Roche Posay products.  
I was especially pleased to discover one product came with some free gifts, so I bought the Hydreane Riche Moisturiser for Sensitive skin (40ml) and got a free Toleriane cleanser (50ml) and Lipikar body moisturiser (15ml), I got all these for 14,95 euros (£11.85).

I've currently only used the Hydreane Riche moisturiser which I really like, it moisturises my skin well without feeling greasy.  I use it occasionally when I feel that my skin needs an extra hit of moisture.

  As the name suggests, it's extremely rich and personally, I wouldn't use it for my everyday moisturiser. Since purchasing this, I've discovered that they make a Hydreane Legere which is a lighter formulation and probably more suitable for everyday wear.

Check out my French/ Spanish Pharmacy Faves 2014 video!

Which foreign pharmacy products do you buy when you're away?  Any recommendations?
Peebreeks xx

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