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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Style: Twiggy

I have loved sixties fashion since I was a teenager and the obvious go-to style icon from the sixties has to be Twiggy.   Renowned for her skinny frame, big eyes and androgynous look, Twiggy was and still is the poster girl for sixties' fashion.

Five decades later, Twiggy-style looks are still in fashion and her 60's eye make-up and short pixie haircut have been recreated numerous times in fashion shows and across the internet.The mod-look is  still alive and well in Brighton and I love spotting fans of sixties looks and fashions.   By sheer coincidence, I discovered as I was writing this post, Twiggy ( who was born in the same week, in the same year as my mum!) celebrated her 65th birthday last week, happy birthday!

Via przystanekuroda
Those lashes!! Via Bring Me My Coffee

Via The Gloss
A postcard of this bike photo adorned my bedroom door at my parents' house for many years while I was growing up, love it!
Via The Mod Bird's 60's Flashback
The eyes were always dramatic, coloured with monochrome and shading through the socket,  lashes lined and exaggerated with false lashes.  Her skin make-up was sheer, showing a smattering of freckles.

Via The Little Fashionista

I love this look; the eyes, the hair, the cheekbones, the white collar!

Via Bleubird Vintage
Beautifully shot portrait. 

Via Vogue Spain
I like the way she is casual in stripes but still full-on eyes!

I love the sixties eye make-up she wore and often attempt it on nights out, minus the false lashes, I don't think I'll ever get the hang of those...
If you liked this post, you should also check out the slideshow online on American Vogue.

Whose style do you love?

Peebreeks xx

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