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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Style: Carrie Bradshaw

Sorry not much blogging recently as I've been away on holiday, hope to write more about this soon. Treated myself to a season of 'Sex and the City' to watch on my Kindle on the train/plane this summer. Had forgotten how much I loved the series which was on Channel 4 when I was a teenager, remember encouraging even my guy mates to watch it!  Wasn't a massive fan of either of the films but do like the style and storylines from the TV series.  My favourite character was obviously Carrie; not as slutty as Samantha, not as prim as Charlotte, but more fun than Miranda! 
Revisiting the series recently made me remember that I was a big fan of some of Carrie's outfits.  I thought I would share some of my favourite looks of hers from the series with you,  I've also snuck in a couple from the films.  The stylist for the TV series and subsequent films of 'Sex and the City' was Patricia Field, who won an Emmy for her work on the series and no less than four Costume Designers Guild awards.
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I loved the flower corsages Carrie wore.  I seem to remember that I bought a few high-street rose versions myself, in the vain hope of somehow managing to appear as stylish!

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Of course, I can't write a post on Carrie Bradshaw style without featuring the necklace. You know the one.  Any woman who was a style fan of the show (myself included) has one of these with their own name, am I right?
If I had to pick a favourite out of the outfits I've featured here, I would go for the tulips dress with the black necklace and bun, so cute and colourful. Sorry for graininess of some of the photos, had to work with what I could find online!
 You can probably tell that after more than a decade since I first saw an episode, I still have a great fondness for 'Sex and the City'.  Yes it romantizes the city and people of New York massively and Carrie can be extremely melodramatic at times, but the sentiment and style of the series still appeal to me.  Would love to go to New York someday.

What are your favourite looks from the series?

Peebreeks xx

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