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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Smiling Sunday! (Things I love #16)

Here are some things that made me smile this week.  Try not to faint in shock that I've actually managed to post a 'Smiling Sunday' on a Sunday :) 
 I have featured and linked some designers'/ bloggers' websites in this post. I would just like to reiterate that as always, my opinions are my own and I have not been asked or sponsored to feature these, nor am I in anyway affiliated with these designers/bloggers. I just happen to like their designs/websites!!

1. This colourful world map fabric.  Spotted this for £9.99 per metre in the Lanes, Brighton. Have plans to make this into a skirt or a dress. It reminds me of the 'Miss World' range in which Truly Sopel has incorporated her dress and sleep set designs.  I first saw her design on an old Sindy doll, as she collaborated with Jolly Dolly Shop. It caught my eye as my sisters and I had old Sindys when we were little! See below for a photo collage of her Miss World range and Check out her website Trulyknickers.

Via Truly Knickers Blog 

2. As I mentioned Jolly Dolly Shop, it occurred to me that although I loved their designs when I saw them on a stall, I've never looked at their online collection. It has to be said that there's a fair amount of nostalgic fondness when I see old Sindys but how freaking cute are the clothes and camping gear?!! I wish I was a child again :)
Via Jolly Dolly Shop

Via Jolly Dolly Shop

3. These cute card and print designs by Lola Hoad Design, I really like the looped handwriting and simple design. I desperately want one of the framed expressions/quotes but I've started with a little card for now!  All of the designs are printed on 100% recycled paper.
You can check out her online shop here.
Here are some more of her designs framed. Photos below are via Lola Hoa Design.
Bloody good advice!

I need to live by this!

4. This 99 problems beach bag. Saw it in Rose Hill Boutique in Brighton about a month ago and had a little giggle. You've got to love a canvas tote bag with a pun! You can also buy it online from Not On The High Street for £20.
4. This fox design fabric by Jen Moules Textile Design.  You may remember I featured Jen's watercolour goldfish wallpaper designs some time ago on my blog.  This week I was delighted to discover that she now has fabric available on Etsy! Am gonna have to get me some fox fabric, I can't resist...
Via Etsy

5. This outfit post by Mermaidens. I discovered her blog this week and I love the retro-style swimsuit and the doughnut rubber ring :)
Via Mermaidens
Via Mermaidens

Via Mermaidens

6. This driftwood mirror with a shelf for candles. Have been hunting lately for reclaimed timber/driftwood mirrors/something like this (but more affordable!) to go in my room. 
Via Driftwood Ocean Art
 7. These mint ombre legwarmers by GraceandLaceCo.
Via Etsy
8. These hand-painted galaxy Converse by Emily Tam. I would definitely wear these with some white laces.
Via Etsy

Via Etsy

Via Etsy
What's been making you smile lately?

Peebreeks xx

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