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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Smiling Wednesday! (Things I love #9)

So late in posting this week, sorry! I have been away in Barcelona for 10 days, I will do some more posts about my trip as soon as I can :)

1. Books
Whilst away, I had time to get a lot of reading done and really enjoyed two books by Bill Bryson:  'Neither here nor there' and 'The Life and Times of The Thunderbolt Kid'.  He is a really funny writer and I had to contain my laughter when in public places.  'Neither here nor there' was my favourite and is basically a series of anecdotes about his travels around Europe, brutally honest and unashamedly humorous.

2. There was a closing down sale in an artist's workshop in one of the streets in the Gothic Quarter. I saw this beautiful chair for only 20 euros, if I had some way of putting it on the plane back with me, I would have!

3. Saw this guy on the main street on the way down from the Parc Guell.  He was really eerie but strangely fascinating and funny! :)

4. Treated myself to a large bubble tea from 'Wow Boba' whilst away on holiday.  Yummy and refreshing on a hot day, I had black tea with tapioca (that's the dark parts at the bottom!) and a bit of honey.

5. Yves Saint Laurent Pastel handbags.  Love these, really sweet colours. Spotted them in the shop window and had to take a picture.
6. Had not been in a big city alone for a while so was at a bit of a loose end at times! So I decided to go and see 'Before Midnight' in the cinema on Calle Verdi in Barcelona.  I haven't seen the previous films in the 'Before' series (Before Sunrise and Before Sunset) but this didn't seem to matter as I felt that the film stood alone and made enough reference to the previous plotlines for me to catch up with ease. I don't want to talk about the plot too much as it will spoil it but it basically deals with the everyday life of a couple, years into a relationship, when it's no longer fresh and new and how they relate to each other and their family and friends. I thought Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy were great in the lead roles and the film seemed to end just as you wanted to learn more.

7. This clouds and rainbows jumper by Modcloth featured on Scathingly Brilliant's blog. So cute!

Via the lucky elephant
8. Navy blue and coral- I saw a woman wearing these colours and thought it looked really cool. This pic shows some outfits in the same colour palette, I think they look great for end of summer.

9.I discovered Cacolat a few years ago during my time living in Spain, it is a yummy chocolate-flavoured milk, made in Barcelona.  I think the packaging looks quite retro and fun.

10. Jayme Dee
Discovered Jayme Dee recently via  her cover of  'Ho Hey' by the Lumineers on the Sunday music sessions on Marcus Butler's Sunday Sounds blog.  She has a great sound, I really like her covers of 'Fix You' by Coldplay and 'I Will Follow You Into The Dark' by Death Cab For Cutie.  Some of her guitar playing reminds me of Amy

Via Mountain Home Quilts
11. Something else made me smile this week. Something a lot of you will have done in your lifetime.   I was walking along by the port when I noticed a father waiting for his young daughter, who must have been around 6 years old.  She was stood in one spot, wearing a mid-length rara skirt and was spinning around and around in circles.  It really made me smile, I expect a lot of us remember twirling in a dress/skirt when we were young.  I don't quite know why it amused me so much, I think it's just that free feeling, that expression without embarrassment.  Her father wasn't bothered in the least, I suppose he knew that as a child you can indulge in such simple pleasures freely but as you get older, you would probably seem quite strange and attract some puzzled looks. :)  This picture isn't the actual girl but I thought that the photo illustrated exactly what I'm talking about!

 Do you remember spinning in swooshy clothes??  Comment and let me know!

Peebreeks xx


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