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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Smiling Sunday! (Things I love #8)

Have been hopeless at posting lately...

1. I really like big watches at the moment! I especially like this one, The Canterbury- I first saw the Daniel Wellington watches on The Londoner's blog: The Londoner- Daniel Wellington watches.  I notice that Kim Sears often wears large watches at Wimbledon.

2. Speaking of Kim Sears!- I really liked the mint lace dress she wore to the Wimbledon final.  It is from the Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer collection 2013.  I know it was heavily criticised in the papers at the time, as she was wearing long sleeves in the midst of a heat wave, but I thought she looked really elegant.

3.  Must be having a mint-green phase I think!  Have noticed these Figaro cars by Nissan more and more recently, so cute and retro-looking :)

4. I recently enjoyed watching the BBC Imagine 2-part documentary on Woody Allen. I thought that it had obviously been well-researched and was filmed beautifully.  I know Woody has drawn a lot of controversy over his scandalous personal life but you cannot dispute that he is a very funny comedian and a talented film maker.  I loved the insight into his childhood, background and individual quirks- such as the fact he always types his scripts on a typewriter that he bought decades ago, if he makes a mistake, he literally has to cut and paste the changes! A more extensive review of the first part of the programme can be found on the Daily Telegraph website: Woody-Allen-a-Documentary-part-one-BBC-One-review.html

Via The Daily Telegraph -Woody-Allen-a-Documentary-part-one-BBC-One-review.html
5. Nails this week are 'Mink' by Marks & Spencer, BUAV approved so not tested on animals :)


6.  We have had an amazing heat wave in English which brought fantastic weather for 3 weeks and then some stormy showers. There's some music that I love listening to when it's raining,  I hope that's not too strange! Some songs or artists seem to be cosy and soothing.  One of my favourite albums to listen to during the rain is 'Sleep Through The Static' by Jack Johnson.

7.  In the sunnier moments, I have been rediscovering Fleetwood Mac! Awesome on a sunny afternoon...

8. 'Forrest Gump' was shown on TV last week, I have seen it before but had forgotten how great it is.  So funny but also had me in tears for the sad parts.  Tom Hanks is a fantastic actor who has made some wonderful film choices.  He won the Oscar for the Best Actor for his leading role as Forrest Gump in 1994 is and I think you can clearly see why, he is fantastic in this film.

That's all for this week I think!

Peebreeks xx

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