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Monday, 28 July 2014

Smiling Monday! (Things I love #14)

Smiling Sunday  Monday!  Sorry it's a day late and I've disappeared from blogging regularly and recently, work seems to keep me very busy. Now that it's the summer holidays,  I'm hoping to make more time to blog. I always say this, I know ;) Anyhoo, here are some things that have been making me smile during the past few weeks.

1. I saw this pink hairstyle on Pinterest this week and I love it, I'm not sure I'd personally want or suit pink hair but this is sweet.
Via Pinterest

2. Somebody recently brought me this cute little posy of flowers, I'm not normally a pink fan but thought these were pretty. Hmmm pink seems to be creeping up on me this week...

3. The weather has been ace in Brighton (with the exception of this morning; thunderstorms and rain!) and the beaches have been packed with people having bbqs and drinks.  Did this last week with workmates and had a lovely time, perfect summer evening. Lots of veggie food too, yayyyy!

4.  This brings me on to another simple summery delight, lazing in the sunshine with a good book/magazine. In fact, I'm in need of a new read (poet, didn't know it) so if anyone has any book recommendations, let me know!
Lazing in the gardens...
 St James Park, London.

5. Awesome Wizard of Oz cake in the Lanes. There is an amazing cake shop in the Northern Lanes in Brighton which I often walk by and gaze longingly into the window. I have yet to sample any of their delights but the cakes in the window look amazing.  Sorry for random woman's reflection!

6. George Ezra- One of my flatmates mentioned George Ezra a while back and his music was played a lot on the most recent series of 'Made in Chelsea'. I liked what I'd heard so I decided to see him play at the John Peel tent when I was at Glastonbury.  He was great; he had a beautiful voice and seemed very down-to-earth and genuinely pleased to see so many people in the crowd. I was a little surprised to discover he wasn't black! I hadn't seen any photos or footage of him and with such a soulful voice he looked much different in my mind's eye. He was so popular and his album hadn't even been released at that point, an underground hit I suppose. I bought his album recently from Itunes and have been enjoying it. 

7. The Queen photo-bombing an Australian hockey player's selfie. I know that this has been all over social media recently but every time that I look at it, it makes me smile/laugh.  Love it :)
Photo from @_JaydeTaylor
8. Bastille-Overjoyed chords Still a massive Bastille fan and learnt the guitar chords for 'Overjoyed' this week. Would like to learn it on piano properly but not sure I'd be able to play it! Here's an old clip of their acapella version. Bit quirky but still good!

9. BBC One- David Beckham Into The Unknown. Now I don't have anything against David Beckham but to be honest, I wasn't expecting much from his Brazil documentary.  However, the trailers on BBC looked good and  some people mentioned it afterwards so I was tempted to check it out. I purchased it on Itunes to watch during a train journey and I really liked it.  I thought it was filmed and edited well, with some personal info. from David but enough input from his friends and information about Brazil to keep it interesting. I almost wish that it had been a whole series, rather than a single episode.
You can see clips here and here. If you want to watch it, I think it's now only available on Itunes unfortunately :( but still worth a look.

Oh and on a slightly bizarre side note, I like the photos of David and his sons Romeo and Cruz getting covered in gold gunge at the Nickelodeon Kids Awards. They strangely manage to look like statues!

What's been making you smile?

Peebreeks xx

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