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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Feeling festive...

Finally went back to work this week and despite still feeling unwell, I have been getting in the mood for Christmas!! Here are some of my favourite moments from the last couple of  weeks. Photos were taken with my phone so sorry if quality isn't brilliant :(

Went out to choose my Christmas tree - luckily there were still some beauties left!!

My class made some beautiful Tudor pomanders.  Really easy to do :)

  1. Put two pieces of tape on an orange in a cross pattern to mark where the ribbon will be.
  2.  Draw dotted design of where the cloves will be in felt-tip. 
  3. Use a cocktail stick to go over the dotted design to make holes for the cloves, watch out for orange juice! 
  4. Gently push the cloves into the oranges. 
  5. Finish by tying 1 or 2 pieces of ribbon so that pomanders can be hung up. 
(You can also sprinkle sandalwood/ frankincense oil on if you like, but we skipped this part!)

Father Christmas passed through the town, he was in such a hurry, I hardly had time to get a photo :)
 Peebreeks xx

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