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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Stuff making me smile from Feb-March! (Things I love #7)

I am so late in posting this.. :(

 1. I love my new varsity jacket from H & M.  It makes me think of Kevin in the Wonder Years. I always remember when he puts his jacket around Winnie when they are in the woods and he kisses her :)

Via andthereyouhadit on tumblr

2. A few weeks ago my best bud took me to the cinema to see Hitchcock as she had free tickets! We went on Valentine's and were practically the only people in the cinema.  Awesome times! All the couples had gone to see Moulin Rouge, hahaha!  I know the critics slated it but I thought Anthony Hopkins did a good job. I was fascinated by all the 50's outfits and cars though!



3. Lemon and Ginger tea by Twinings- I've been drinking lots of this recently as I can't seem to beat the winter (Spring??) colds!
4. Roller disco- some friends and I went out in Swindon to a roller disco! I was slightly apprehensive as I hadn't rollered since I was about 12! However, I only fell once and loved skating around with my friends to old songs, great fun!!! :)

 5. I watched Annie Hall for the first time recently (on DVD).  I really liked it, very funny in places and I like that style of filming.   Lovely :)  One of my favourite parts is when they are people-watching in the park.
Via stepsmustbegentle at Tumblr
I thought Diane Keaton's outfits were really stylish and fun.  Apparently, they were mostly her own`clothes and the stylist didn't approve but Woody Allen loved Keaton's style so told the stylist to let Keaton wear whatever she wanted, clever man!

6. Music-wise, I've been listening to the album Babel by Mumford and Sons a lot.  This is a live performance of 'Ghosts we knew'. I know, big surprise, me listening to Mumford (!)

7. Have heard Nina Nesbitt recently on the radio.  Really beautiful voice, she reminds me of Amy Macdonald.

She did a cover of 1975's 'Chocolate' on Radio 1's live lounge in the past few weeks too, sounded great  :)

Peebreeks xxx

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