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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Those were the good ol' days..

On Sunday I went to Bath Vintage and Antiques fair, held in Green Park Station every last Sunday of the month.  There was lots to see and bargains to be had!!

Here are some highlights from the stalls and neighbouring shops...

Lots of gorgeous BT telephones which have been restored to their former glory.  I have a couple of the cream ones at home already so didn't buy any more!
Extremely heavy hairdryer! As I remember, one of my sister's Sindy dolls had a mini pink hairdyer like this!
This made me laugh out loud, I love the fact that you can hang tinsel on one side and cheese and olives on the other!

Bring some food and you're all set for a lovely picnic :)

Kitsch mini-LP Player, I want want want a record player...

Pretty retro dress, great shape :)

Comic desk by Mr Moustache furniture (Warminster), awesome idea!
Was also v. tempted by a yellow table with moustaches..... 

My latest decor obsession is 50's style kitchens- so fun!
My sister had to drag me away, I could have quite happily played 'house' all day!!

Visit the market if you get the chance and enjoy retro style, definitely worth a look.

Peebreeks xx

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